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The Dwyer Magnehelic®️ Differential Pressure Gauge and its many uses

Dwyer Magnehelic gauges

Dwyer Instruments manufacture the very popular and ever reliable Magnehelic®️ Gauge. These Gauges make a great alternative to a Fluid Filled Manometer, without the messy liquid and need for sometimes a very long length device. The Magnehelic®️ Gauge measures Positive Pressure, Negative Pressure and Differential Pressure of air and clean compatible gases. These Gauges are not suitable for use on Liquids.

With ranges starting at as low as 60 Pascal, they are an affordable option compared to other sometimes expensive Capsule Type Gauges. 

Dwyer Magnehelic Gauge Cutaway Labeled

Dwyer Magnehelic®️ Gauge Labelled Cutaway

We stock the Magnehelic®️ Gauges in Pascal (PA) and KiloPascal (KPA), Metric scales. Alternate engineering units are available on special request.

Some common applications for the Magnehelic Gauge are:

  • Dust Extraction Fan Filter Pressure Reading (Bag House / Dust Collectors)
  • Static Pressure Monitoring of Air Conditioning Ducts, for buildings and aeration tanks
  • Pressurised clean-room or dust prevention cubicle monitoring, electrical cabinets.
  • Hospital Isolation Rooms and Forensic Laboratories

Dwyer Magnehelic Dust Scrubber application

Dwyer Magnehelic®️ Gauge Dust Scrubber application

Dwyer Magnehelic Pressurization of Special Rooms

Dwyer Magnehelic®️ gauge Pressurization of Special rooms

We stock a range of accessories for the Magnehelic®️ Gauges including Air Filter Kits, Installer Kits, Mounting Enclosures, Mounting Brackets and Mounting Plates. You will receive some basic Fittings with Gauges as standard, including Two 1/8″ NPT plugs for the duplicate pressure taps, two 1/8″ NPT pipe thread to rubber tubing adapters, along with three flush mounting adapters with screws.

Dwyer Magnehelic A-605 Air Filter Kit

Dwyer Magnehelic®️ Gauge A-605 Air Filter Kit

Dwyer Magnehelic A-320 Enclosure

Dwyer Magnehelic®️ Gauge A-320 Enclosure

If you need a Gauge that has electrical outputs, we recommend the Dwyer Photohelic Gauge (Type # 3000MR) with (2) Switch Outputs.  Or the Magnehelic Transmitter (Type # 605A) with its 4-20 mA Output.