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Instruments, transmitters and float level switches online

DG Instruments is your go-to source for a diverse range of level instrumentation products, suitable for measuring and controlling various substances, from liquids to light powders, sludge, and slurries. Our Level Switch page showcases a variety of options, including MAC3 level switches and cable type float level switches, providing versatile solutions for your level control needs. From side mount to floating, vibrating fork, and cable type switches, we offer a comprehensive selection to match your specific application. For advanced level monitoring, visit our Level Transmitter page, where you'll find options like the Dwyer submersible level transmitter.

Whether you require a Dwyer level transmitter online or multiple Dwyer level transmitters, DG Instruments has you covered. In addition to level switches and transmitters, we also offer Zenner water meters, MacNaught Pulse Oil Meters, and MacNaught Electronic Oil Meters online. Trust DG Instruments to provide top-quality level instruments that ensure precise measurement and control for your applications.

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