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Flow Transmitters

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DG Instruments offers a diverse range of flowmeters and transmitters to cater to your flow measurement and control needs. Our product lineup includes renowned brands like MacNaught, Tecfluid, and Dwyer, providing you with reliable instruments for precise flow measurement. Whether you need the precision of a Dwyer Visi-Float Variable Area Flowmeter, the versatility of Tecfluid Plastic Tube Variable Area Flowmeters from the PSM Series, the accuracy of Macnaught MX Series Oval Gear Flow Meters, or the efficiency of Tecfluid DP Target Flowmeters, our selection has you covered. When you buy flowmeters online from DG Instruments, you are investing in top-quality instruments that ensure accurate flow measurement and control. Explore our range of flowmeters and transmitters online today and experience the convenience of purchasing high-quality instruments that meet your flow monitoring requirements with precision.
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