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A simple and easy to install float level switch for liquids

A simple and easy to install float level switch for liquids

A simple and easy to install float level switch for liquids 

When you need to maintain the level of water in your storage tank, the MAC3 Cable Float Type Level Switches are one of the most commonly used ways to do it. The Float Housing and Cable are designed to be fully submersible and work to switch your pump on and off as you water level reduces as you use it.  The buoyancy of the float means it will float on the surface of the water, and as the cable becomes taunt, it will cause the float housing to tilt, and this changes state of the Microswitch inside.   As your pump fills the tank and then reaches your full point, the pump will be turned off.  Then as the level lowers down to the low point, the pump will be turned back on. The Cable Type Float Level Switch will regulate your level, from top to bottom.  

How long do I need the cable to be ?

The MAC3 Cable Float Type Level Switches are supplied and stocked in various lengths of Cable.

You need to work out how much length you will need for the switch to regulate inside of the tank, plus some length to reach your terminal box or electrical board.  

We stock 5-meter, 10-meter, 15-meter, 20-meter and 30-meter cable lengths.

The MAC3 Switches are also stocked a few different Cable Materials, namely PVC and Neoprene.

MAC3 Switche Cables

PVC being most suited to water and fluids compatible with PVC. Whereas Neoprene offers a higher level of chemical compatibility for drainage tanks or sumps where the water may contain some oils and/or solvents.  The Float Housing is a sturdy IP68 Non-Toxic Polypropylene (PP) plastic.

Do I need to use a Counter-Weight ?

A Counter-Weight is used to fix the floats range of movement inside the tank.  It slides on to the Cable and grips to provide a pivoting point for the cable to regulate between your top-level position, and your low-level position. It is designed to keep the cable weighted down so as to ensure as it becomes taunt, it tilts to actuate the Micro-Switch.

DG Instruments stock the MAC3 Cable Float Level Switches in our store in Jandakot, Western Australia. You can purchase the MAC3 Level Switch range here.

You can also download the product data sheet and the Instruction manuals here:

MAC3 Cable Float Level Switches Product Data Sheet

For applications in sewerage, grey water tanks, wastewater or where the water is very turbulent, we would recommend the use of the MAC5 Cable Type Float Level Switch

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any technical help, or for any questions you may have.

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