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ADS-101A 2-Piece Bolted Isolating Diaphragm Seal

The ADS-101A, 2 Piece Bolted Diaphragm Seal is used in a variety of applications where a barrier is required between the process fluid and your Gauge, Switch or Transmitter. As pressure is applied to the convoluted metal diaphragm, the transfer fluid is what operates your device. Note that fitting these to a pressure device must be carried out by a professional workshop, using a specialised vacuum chamber.  

The diaphragm seal is made from 316L stainless steel. For corrosive applications, PVC and Teflon options are also available.

ADS-101A Diaphragms seals come in a variety of connections, male and female threaded. They are also available with a 1" ANSI flange and Cotton Reel varieties.

  •  for Pressure Gauges, Switches or Transmitters;
  •  316 Stainless Steel Construction; 1/2″ NPT or BSP;
  •  Stainless Steel Diaphragm sandwiched between upper and lower housings;
  •  Silicone Oil Transfer fluid typically used; 
  •  Options: PVC or PTFE Lower Housing; Teflon Coating; Remote Capillary;

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