Dwyer Handheld Digital Manometer Series 477AV

  Calculates and displays air velocity and volumetric air flow  Rugged aluminum case protects instrument from damage during transport/use 9 selectable English and metric engineering units Large, easy to read display with backlight for use in dark areas Stores up to 40 readings with minimum, maximum and average statistics

Zenner Multimeter Water Meter

  High-quality UV-resistant plastic inspection window Dry dial register with shielded magnetic coupling Rotatable and individually inscribable lidring Operating temperature up to 30°C, optional up to 50°C 􏰈 Operating pressure PN 16 Model eg: MTKD-N

Dwyer BTT Temperature Transmitters

Duct, immersion, and outside air models available; Radiation shield available for mounting in sunlight; Output: 4…20 mA or 0…10 VDC; 2-Wire Loop Powered; Various Configurations to choose from; ( Model No. Example: BTT-D08-1 )

Finetek By-Pass Level Gauge Transmitter

Side Mounted Mechanical Level Gauge Stainless Steel or Plastic Construction Optional Transmitter or Switch Outputs Compliance for Hazardous Area or Shipbuilding; ( Model No. Example: EF )

Finetek Rotary Paddle Level Switch

Motorised Rotating Vane or Paddle Suitable for powdery producing & processing industries such as plastic, chemical, medical, forage, cement and fertilizer powders. Voltages: 24 VDC, 24 VAC, 100 VAC or 240 VAC ; Options: Top Mount; Adjustable Shaft; ( Model No. Example: SE130 )

Barben pH / ORP Industrial Probes

Patented Axial Ion Path Reference; Sensors are Compatible with Most Major Manufacturer’s Analyzers; Industrial Mounting Options; In-Line & Submersible; High Pressure & Temperature Ratings; Temperature Compensation ; Options: Various Sensor & Body materials; ( Model No. Example: 546 )

Tecfluid Turbine Flowmeter

Suitable for Liquids; High Pressure versions; Flanged or Threaded Process Connection; Flow Rates from 0.3…3 M3PH up to 65…650 M3PH; Blind Pulse Output or Digital Indicating Display; Stainless Steel Body; Accuracy: +/- 0.5% measured; Options: 4-20 mA Transmitter; HART; IECEx; ATEX; ( Model No. Example: TM44 )

Trafag EPN 8288 Pressure Transmitter

High Resistance to Overpressure Thin Film on Steel Output Signal 4 – 20 mA Measuring Ranges from 0 – 2.5 to 0 – 600 BAR Electrical Connections, IP65 Din Plug or M12 (Model No Example: EPN10.0A)

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