Novatech Oxygen Probes and Sensors


Novatech Controls is licensed to manufacture a unique zirconia sensor, which is developed and patented by the CSIRO. The sensor can cover a temperature range of -10°C to 1,400°C.


The zirconia disc is vacuum welded to the end of a high purity alumina tube, making them highly resistant to mechanical and thermal shock. These tubes are used in the manufacture of various styles of oxygen probe for the many and varied applications requiring oxygen measurement.


Power stations, petrochemical, gas purity generators, mining, incinerators, ceramics (firing and drying), smelters, boiler plants, boiler service companies, furnace manufacturers, metal heat treatment, timber dryers, strip steel, oven manufacturers, bakers, paper mills, aluminum plants, brick kilns, cement and lime, glass, textiles, MAP and CAP food packaging, pharmaceutical, and CEM systems.


  • Measuring oxygen within a temperature range of -10°C to 1,400°C
  • Monitoring combustion processes to obtain optimum combustion in order to achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and a similar reduction in fuel consumption
  • Monitoring atmospheres for oxygen that may damage or spoil produce
  • Monitoring atmospheres for oxygen to determine carbon potential
  • Monitoring atmospheres for oxygen t determine percent water vapour


The oppositions zirconia sensors are made from pure zirconia into a tube that is closed on one end. Pure zirconia is soft and brittle, and lends itself to suffering from thermal shock. The Novatech sensor is a small disc consisting of 10% zirconia powder and 90% high purity alumina, when the disc is welded to the end of a high purity alumina tube the sensor is almost as robust as the tube it is welded to.


Our sensor is located at the insertion depth of the probe, this enables a one second response time for an oxygen probe that is vital for controlling critical processes to prevent the risk of an explosion. The flow of gas required to pass the sensor at this depth is very low; this means the filters used will be slow to the block reducing maintenance costs. The competitors use a short zirconia sensor and draw the gas from the required insertion depth all the way up to the tube sensor. To obtain a response time of 30 seconds the flow past the sensor must be reasonably quick. This means their filters will block in a relatively short space of time.


Novatech has developed a catalyst that is coated onto the zirconia sensor that enables oxygen measurements to be made successfully in the presence of sulphur and zinc contaminants. Sulphur or zinc will quickly destroy our competitors’ sensors.


Novatech Controls is Australian-made and proudly distributed by DG Instruments in Western Australia. Contact us today for more information.



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